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If you thought you were protected, well you’re not!

What the Government is planning to do is nothing short of scandalous. The normal checks and protection afforded by our system has been removed for fracking. The hurdles and public consultation afforded to those planning wind farms or solar are removed for unconventional gas, which includes fracking. We are all in DANGER. We should ALL

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Citizen Journalist Mel Kelly’s Open research got the attention of Scottish Parliament re: UCG (Unconventional Coal Gasification)

So next time a geologist, driller or government official tells you that fracking is fine and dandy, ask them: where are the hydrological, hydro-geological & hydro-geochemical risk assessments? There’s a short answer: there aren’t any. And there aren’t any for a simple reason: the geologists don’t know. “WATER IS OUR LIFE SOURCE” we cannot survive without clean water!

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New Front Opens Up in the Battle on Fracking

Anyone at all concerned about fracking, especially in the Cotswolds, NEEDS to come to this meeting: ‘Fracking the Cotswolds’  at the Bingham Hall, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Friday 27th September, 2013. Doors open 7 pm. Open to all. The Government is attempting to win public support for fracking by purposefully keeping the public in the dark and

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The Positive Alternatives to Fracking.

There is one primary misconception about fracking and that is, that it is similar to getting oil and gas out of the ground previously using single rigs to tap into a commodity that is under pressure. The new gas extraction methods don’t work like that. They are energy intensive, using almost as much energy to

An Aerial View of Hydraulic Fracking Along The Marcellus Shale

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Pennsylvania family says gas drilling turning paradise home into nightmare

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Reduced Energy Requirement by Increased Efficiency.

This can be done by a number of methods and can be divided into domestic and industrial. On the domestic front there needs to be encouragement and clear Government policy to push forward ‘Smart Meter’ usage. It is commonly recognised that those that use smart meters recognise unnecessary usage and reduce consumption. A greater awareness

Storage Of Energy At Peak Production Times To Deliver At Peak Requirement Times

In order to stabilise our requirements and rationalise them to maximum efficiency, various methods are currently under consideration, but are not getting the Governmental support they justify, mainly because of the influence the fracking lobby has within the present Government. These storage methods of energy in various forms can provide the long term goals that

Developing True Renewables

The true renewables are free at source. The cost is purely due to the cost of capturing and transmitting the energy. They are totally sovereign and so mean we become self- sufficient, which is vital to survive in a changing world. Reliance on gas leaves us vulnerable, because it will run out and leave us