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Declaration Societies

Organisations (Societies) listed on this site have either individually declared themselves against fracking or are members of a larger group that has declared itself against fracking. If you wish your logo to join the many here, please contact us via one of the many places on this website.

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WATER USE & CONTAMINATION: Fracking uses a vast amount of precious fresh water. In times of drought water shortage will be inevitable with fracking in production. There is definite potential of water pollution including contamination of water sources with radiation, toxic chemicals and methane. 20-40% of the contaminated, hazardous and potentially radioactive water flows back

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declaration statement

Fracking-unsafe IS a declaration and NOT an organisation. All those willing to be linked to this website agree to the declaration that we are opposed to fracking and extreme gas extraction processes as a means to source energy, for one or more of the problematical reasons listed on this site.

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