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1 Left Week to Save the Cotswolds

You have until 24th November to register your views!

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A Week to SAVE the Cotswolds.

In case you haven’t noticed this and the previous Government has steadily worked away at changing all the laws that act as a check and balance against permanent damage to our environment and countryside. A powerful oil and gas industry that has the Government’s ears by the over influential lobby system means is about to

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Government’s Fracking Bribe!

The Government has realised local resistance to fracking will prevent it happening. People are being empowered in the knowledge that such local action does have an effect. Fracking requires large amounts of investment to take place. The Government as always wants to do this on the cheap whilst trying to gain any economic benefit. To

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Gloucestershire Echo Article

What is fracking and why should I care about what happens in far off Lancashire or Yorkshire? Fracking is the means of extracting the last few drops of oil/gas from ‘barrel’ Earth. Fracking uses a lot of resources to produce the oil/gas, but because the price for this commodity is high it becomes economically viable

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Frack Free Bake Off!

Watch the video to see what happened when Emma and Sophie Thompson held a Bake Off inspired protest at a site that’s been earmarked for fracking in Lancashire.

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TTIP Potential Fracking Threat

The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a potential threat to us with regards to fracking. With many American based fracking companies likely to be involved in the exploitation of our potential shale gas, this agreement, if ratified, would mean that fracking would become almost certain due to the heavy financial penalties of not fulfilling

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Cuadrilla Appealing Against Local Decision

The well publicised decision by Lancashire County Councillors to reject plans by Fracking company Cuadrilla to sink two exploratory fracking wells in the county have been challenged by the company in question. Given a Prime Minister that espouses local democracy and respect for the opinions of local people in making local decisions, there should be

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MPs Vote for a Temporary Ban on Fracking

Here’s the list of MPs who voted for a fracking moratorium – or temporary ban on fracking – during the Third Reading debate of the Infrastructure Bill.  52 MPs voted in favour of a fracking ban, but 308 voted against, so fracking will happen. Most Labour MPs abstained – which means they didn’t vote either

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Cotswolds Stop Fracking Petition

Add your support and sign the local Anti Fracking group ‘Frack Free Cotswolds’ petition.

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Fears over fracking ‘green light’ in Gloucestershire

The new minerals plan is just one stage fracking companies have to go thorough. The Government has always planned for this to be easy. What is more alarming is that rather than protecting areas of outstanding natural beauty, the Government has removed yet another safeguard by making one minister responsible for the finial decision. We the public

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